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WHAT HYPERBOLIC sound bite to use to describe the mission in front of Mitt Romney tonight?

Romney needs to come off as a nice guy with a heart, while showing he knows what he’s talking about and doing some damage to Mr. Cool.

Mitt Romney must deliver a performance that begins to change the dynamics. He’s got to open up the prospect that he isn’t what his sound bites reveal about him. That he’s the nice guy the press likes when he’s off the record, but goes stiff in the limelight.

Obama gets to be Obama for the first debate.

It begins at 9 p.m., but the infotainment shows have been at it all day, complete with countdown clocks.

Liveblogging and live Tweeting has begun…

10:23 “You put $90 billion into green jobs … that would have hired 2 million teachers.” – Mitt Romney

10:20: Jim Lehrer has a new Twitter feed “silent Jim Lehrer”

10:00 President Obama still can’t explain health care after 4 years in office.

9:53: Obama’s numbers on CNN “undecided voters” off the charts on the big bank question.

9:45 “I have become fond of this term, Obamacare.” – Barack Obama

9:40 “On Social Security, I suspect we have a similar position” – Barack Obama

9:39 “states are the laboratory of democracy” – Romney when talking about Medicare

9:33 A nod to Rob Portman. This Mitt Romney is sharp & relaxed, while being coiled. Romney says Obama “should have grabbed that,” talking about Simpson-Bowles

9:29: “I’m sorry Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS”… “I like Big Bird. I like you, too.” – Mitt Romney

Obama touts stinginess as tight as Eisenhower.

9:25 Mitt is laying down the empathy card on food stamps, making a move.

9:20: Obama to Mitt “it’s math” on tax exchange. Twitter words right now “liar liar.”

9:11: Mitt is talking straight to Obama, who won’t look at him. It’s one of those reactions that isn’t good for Obama. MSNBC cut away. CSPAN is showing Obama’s reaction shot.

9:04: Obama & Romney both go for the arm in a power move.

Obama goes for the anniversary line.

Romney congratulates Obama, cracks a joke! Mitt’s hair is looser, fuller, freer. It’s a sign.

**It’s a domestic topic debate** – Lehrer has hinted he may ask 1 question on foreign policy.

9:00: “Kick ’em in the ball.” – Chris Matthews –Twitter explodes–

8:50: “Absolute silence.. If you hear something really terrific, sit on it. If you hear something you don’t like, sit on it.” – Jim Lehrer

8:30 pm: A united party wins, posits Chris Matthews, who cited Hillary Clinton and the unity of Democratic Party sealed the deal for President Obama. Rust belts states where Clintons are tops, “Bill Clinton, today, up in New Hampshire, sealed the deal today…”

8:25 Obama motorcade via Ben Smith on Twitter…

8:00 pm 360 degrees of MSNBC stage, via Mark Halperin

Compliments of Mitt’s Body Man, Ann and Mitt Romney.