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FROM THE jump, Rep. Jason Chaffetz jumped out putting politics first. He accused the State Department of revealing classified documents. It clearly took Rep. Issa by surprise.

It didn’t take long before the hearing turned into Darrell Issa’s circus.

The State officials reprimanded Chaffetz, saying they were showing “commercial digital imagery.” Issa eventually gets involved again, trying to recover and back up Chaffetz.

Later, one of the State Department officials detailed one of the problems.

“We had been training local Libyans and arming them for almost a year.” – Charlene Lamb, deputy assistant secretary of state for international programs in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security

Lamb has been on the hot seat throughout the hearing today.

“No one in the administration has claimed to know all the answers,” Kennedy said in his written testimony for the hearing. “We have always made clear that we are giving the best information we have at the time. And that information has evolved.” [Bloomberg]

When it was Rep. Kucinich had his turn he ripped U.S. policy. Blamed U.S. policy. Said it was ridiculous to blame State Department officials, when we “should start at the beginning.” The only politician who addressed the absurd Obama administration policy on Libya.