Mayor Rahm Emanuel is threatening to go to court today to end the Chicago teachers strike after union delegates decided to extend the walkout at least two more days while they review a tenative deal. Emanuel called the walkout “illegal” and pledged late Sunday to seek an injunction in court to force an end to the city’s first teachers strike in a quarter century leaders and return more than 350,000 students to the classroom. – Mayor says he will go to court to end Chicago teachers strike

WHAT WAS HOPED on Sunday fell apart by Monday.

It’s representative of our entire country.

We have huge challenges, but no one can work together to solve them.

Everyone has their issue, their righteous fury, but no one knows how to lead anymore.

Unions are gasping for relevancy, as middle class wages continue to fall, but not even Democrats believe that unions are the answer anymore. How unions convince the wider public they are the answer is unknown. However, in the political atmosphere that exists today, the union and Mayor Emanuel come off as part of the problem.

It’s a microcosm of America today. We can’t seem to get anything done, make any progressive advance on shared interests, because no one can seem to find any.

Democrats versus Democrats leading the news, when this is about wider education reform that other teachers and their union across states have already agreed has landed and includes charter schools. Chicago seems to be the last hold out of the once mighty teachers union that has now even lost their last ally, a Democrat and former Clintonite. This really is remarkable.

A moment that is rife for revolution, but we don’t do that anymore either.

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