THE RIGHT is getting desperate.

Blue Virginia posted on the picture above, which is as virulent as it gets. In one shot over there you can clearly see a George Allen sign for Senate. Though there is no link whatsoever between the campaign and this scurrilous shot, it does draw up the memory of Allen’s past problems with race, with the “macaca” catastrophe the tipping point in his campaign against Jim Webb. Today, Tim Kaine has surged ahead of George Allen, driven by women and the reaction to the GOP’s extreme positions, led now by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

As for the picture below, it was in answer to a tweet campaign of Obama Team staffers, with Jim Messina, the campaign manager who is pictured below, utilizing the moment to blast out a new way to think of “Obamacare.”

Right-wing blog Weasel Zippers decided it was funny to defame Obama’s guy by labeling him a pedophile. Evidently they can’t find a way to mock a horrible picture of Messina without going offensively extreme, while making light of a vicious crime against children, where there is no room for laughter.

Both shots are worth posting, because they come at a demarcation point in the campaign, where Mitt Romney is clearly now losing to Barack Obama.

Desperation is going to mark the right’s campaign against Obama from this point forward, so Democrats should expect the worse.