A photo released by the State Department shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton watching her husband deliver remarks Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton didn’t watch the speech live because she was busy meeting with leaders of the tiny nation of East Timor, 9,963 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. According to reporters traveling with the secretary of state, Clinton watched a taped version around midnight eastern time. [CNN]

NO WORDS are needed.

Secretary Hillary Clinton wears her pride from ear to ear.

It has been recorded that Pres. Clinton was the deciding voice when Hillary was mulling whether to take the job of secretary of state, and I’ve not been able to find anyone to rebut it. No decision in her life, except perhaps marrying this man and holding to her vows through thick, thin and threadbare, has been more important to the women of this country, but also for women around the world.

Watching her husband from 9,963 miles away from Charlotte, North Carolina, delivering the most important speech of the convention, their political love story continues.

There are a lot of people who believe this story is far from over.