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IT BEGINS in the video above, but it’s only part of the spectacle on “Meet the Press.” The usually civil Sunday show dissembled into an ugly and obviously personal battle between Bay Buchanan and Joe Scarborough, which had to stem from Scarborough’s unrelenting criticism of the Romney campaign. No matter how well deserved the complaints of Scarborough, which is shared by everyone with a column or cable show, Buchanan brought the Romney Team grudge into the debate.

Senior Romney adviser Bay Buchanan, visibly shaken, lumped Joe Scarborough in with the other members of the panel saying she was up against it “4 to 1” trying to defend Romney. Scarborough got testy and started aggressively arguing with her, while Dee Dee Myers was caught between them. It’s at around 3:00 minutes below, but here’s the transcript:

MR. SCARBOROUGH: “¦the biggest problem with the 47 percent. I really don’t think that’s going to change a vote. I really don’t. I do believe, though, it is deflated conservatives at the Wall Street Journal, conservatives like David, conservatives like myself, conservatives on Talk Radio. We believe in smaller government because we believe, like Jack Kemp believed, like Ronald Reagan believed, like Margaret Thatcher believed that that’s how you help the most people. I will say still without apology I believe a rising tide lifts all boats. I believe you unshackle individuals and they can prosper in this country. What’s so disturbing about that video is like you said, David, Mitt Romney doesn’t get it. He doesn’t believe it. And that’s what comes through. Margaret Thatcher, shopkeeper’s daughter, would have never said that in a million years.
MS. MYERS: Never.
MS. BUCHANAN: And, you know, this– this is– this is just like four to one, I should be able to be allowed to speak, you know, for each one of these gentleman– these people here.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: Wait, wait, wait, wait”¦
MS. BUCHANAN: “¦but let me– let me make something real clear here.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: “¦you don’t– you don’t– you don’t like a Margaret Thatcher fan or a Ronald Reagan fan?
MS. BUCHANAN: Yeah. Let– let me make– please, let me make a point here.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: Well, don’t– don’t put me as a four to one because I’m not. I’m a small government conservative.
MS. BUCHANAN: But, you know, Joe, on this set, you’re here today one of the four.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: I’m also with the Wall Street Journal editorial page. I’m also with– with every conservative.
MS. BUCHANAN: All right. All right. We know– we know that you”¦
MR. SCARBOROUGH: I’m with Rush.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: I’m with– you name the conservative”¦
MS. BUCHANAN: Yes. All right.
MR. SCARBOROUGH: “¦they have my concern, Bay. So please don’t characterize me as being one of these four.
MS. BUCHANAN: Yes. Okay. Let me…
GREGORY: Go ahead, Bay.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bay Buchanan also got into it a bit with Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed.

David Gregory lost complete control the minute the round table began, with Bay Buchanan playing the John Sununu role, revealing clear animosity for Joe Scarborough.

It was a spectacle that clearly revealed how desperately out of control the campaign has become for the Romney campaign, frustrating all aides, with the disaster reviews impacting all surrogates, with the biggest problem of all being the candidate.

It basically turned into a Mitt Romney roast, while David Gregory sat powerless in the moderator chair.