This morning Americans for Prosperity will “Stand Up to Occupy Wall Street Extremists at “˜Failing Agenda’ Rally” at Rockefeller Center. From their mission statement: “AFP grassroots activists advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.”

Occupy celebrated its one year anniversary on September 17 (more about that tomorrow), and Americans for Prosperity folks seem to be equating OWS with Obama. In itself, that should raise questions about their claims. From the press release:

Americans for Prosperity activists from all over the tri-state area will gather en masse in Midtown Manhattan … to stand up to Occupy Wall Street extremists and call attention to President Obama’s failing economic agenda.

“˜The Occupy Wall Street crowd is nothing but a fringe element of malcontents bent on mayhem and destruction,” slammed AFP New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan. “˜These are people who despise free enterprise. They are not attacking Wall Street. They are attacking the very freedoms that everyday Americans cherish to pursue their own dreams and succeed.’

“˜What the American people are really worried about is President Obama’s failing agenda,’ said Lonegan. …

“˜It’s time that someone stood up to the Occupy Wall Street mob,’ continued Lonegan. … Americans for Prosperity’s rally will be held from 10:00-10:30 a.m. right outside of Rockefeller Center as part of the group’s national Failing Agenda Bus Tour.

A half-hour rally seems like a rather brief effort at “standing up” to Obama and his band of Occupiers. But, time is money, and for those who “champion the principles of entrepreneurship,” perhaps thirty minutes is just all they can afford to spend.

For another perspective on today’s rally, from HuffPo:

Americans For Prosperity, Funded By Koch Brothers, To Hold NY Protest Against “˜Occupy Wall Street Mob’

Activists from Americans for Prosperity plan to protest tomorrow morning outside the Time-Life building as part of group’s Failing Agenda Bus Tour, which is devoted to urging President Barack Obama to shun policies that increase the nation’s debt. Despite the group’s billionaire backers, the AFP describes itself as a grass roots organization. It has more than 2 million supporters nationwide.

In addition to the bus tour, the Americans for Prosperity is launching a $25 million ad campaign in support of Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy next week, according to the Huffington Post. The group has already spent $15 million on ads attacking President Obama.

The Americans for Prosperity press release included the disclaimer that AFP “does not support or oppose candidates for public office,” but of course, there are ways of getting around such things, as organizations on both Right and Left know.

(Americans For Prosperity logo via Americans For Prosperity)