IT TOOK too long and the ultimate message still hasn’t been received, but at least there is a decision that acknowledges reality.

From the New York Times:

After years of tightly intertwining its forces with Afghan troops, the American-led military coalition has sharply curtailed ground-level operations with the Afghan Army and police forces, potentially undercutting the training mission that is the heart of the Western exit strategy.

The new limits, which were issued Sunday and require a general’s approval for any joint work at the small-unit level, were prompted by a spike in attacks on international troops by Afghan soldiers and police over the past six weeks. There was also fear that anger over an anti-Islam video could prompt more of what the coalition calls insider attacks, American officials said.

Along with the joint NATO Libyan bombing, as well as the drone policy that is inflaming civilians everywhere it’s utilized, President Obama’s Afghanistan policy, starting when Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal revealed the futility of our efforts on the pages of Rolling Stone magazine, has been an unmitigated failure. He should have listened to Joe Biden, we all should have.

What began as a necessary reaction to Bush-Cheney letting Afghanistan fall back into rubble long ago become a futile exercise in nation building that requires fighting an indigenous force, the Taliban, not Al Qaeda, which has been decimated in Afghanistan, which we can never outlast. The Taliban is there to stay, we aren’t, though you’d never know it by current Obama administration policy.

There is no evidence of Obama admitting this and correcting the situation, but it is a fact.

That Americans are going to be saddled with paying for the building of Afghanistan until 2024 is an outrage that’s compounded by the fact that Afghans are killing American and NATO soldiers, with evidence of inside aid on bombings a further slap in the face.

Unfortunately, the American people never hear about the dire situation from our politicians. Political writers seldom take the time to mention it either, because there is no traffic to be had from mentioning Afghanistan, with cable infotainment shows rarely delving into it. The one exception is “Morning Joe,” with Scarborough and Brzezinski bravely taking on the issue of ending our entanglement with Afghanistan, which in new media was led by Arianna Huffington that started years ago.

At least joint operations with Afghan troops have been stalled, so those of us who follow this news won’t have to read of continuing murders of our soldiers by the very people we’re spending our blood and treasure to help.