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The idea is far from original, but the ever-growing piles of the debris of dumb decisions are getting more difficult to avoid, with frequent contributions from Electeds and Wannabe’s, made me think about The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate. For those for whom that reference is too far into the past, it was an award presented by the hosts of NBC’s Laugh-In sketch comedy program “” heavy on satire “” hosted by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, from 1967 – 1973. The “laugh-in” tag was a take-off on sit-in, love-in, etc.

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate recognition went to those whose accomplishments were of a dubious nature, be they celebrities or, frequently, politicians. Among others so “honored”:

… Los Angeles Chief of Police Ed Davis, who suggested that gallows be put in all airports so hijackers could be hung on the spot; the City of Cleveland for their Cuyahoga River (it caught fire due to its high pollution levels); William F. Buckley for his philosophy “˜Never clarify tomorrow what you can obscure today’; and the Pentagon, a five-time winner … .

It’s probably not any worse now than it was then, but the list of worthy nominees for the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award appear daily, with both individuals and groups (of all kinds “” corporations, political campaigns, media, etc.) providing worthy candidates. I’m skipping potential current election candidates “” not because they don’t deserve the honor, but because I really need a break from them “” but please feel free to jump in with your nominees, 2012 election related or otherwise.

A few possible nominees:

From the Tea Party rising period, this widely shared photo needs no fickle finger explanation:

The U.S. Supreme Court for its Citizens United decision (among others):

Coming up, The Democratic and Republican National Conventions “” the possibilities are endless for these scripted marketing events:

The bi-partisan-posing-as-non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates “” the very existence of this sham “debate” forum qualifies it as a winner:

One international nominee, via BBC, to show that fickle fingering isn’t limited to the U.S. “Kenya’s newly refurbished parliament” includes 350 red chairs, each costing $3,000:

An aside, regarding another regularly occurring feature on Laugh-In, the “Sock it to me” segment: they actually got Richard Nixon to say the line. For many of us, this may well have been the high point of the Nixon administration.

( Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award via RikuWrites
Supreme Court via Photobucket
Democratic Convention 2012 Poster Via Charlotte 2012
Republican Convention 2012 Via GOP Convention)
Commission on Presidential Debate logo via CPD
Kenyan MP via Jamii Forums)