“Mr. Ryan is new to the national scene with out-of-step views from a bygone era.. He is known as the author of the extreme GOP budget, the ‘Path to Prosperity,’ one that many say hurts the middle class.” [h/t The Hill]

THE NEXT GENERATION Ronald Reagan takes to the stage tonight. Also speaking tonight is John McCain. It’s foreign Policy, with Ryan getting a push from Team Mitt Romney to burnish his image of the subject. John McCain speaks before him, as does former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Chris Christie was the darling during the primary season. But something happened last night to shift things. Jennifer Rubin wrote that nobody gives a speech like Chris Christie. He was good, but he wasn’t extraordinary and clearly is positioning himself for 2016. After his speech it was reported he met with New Hampshire delegates.

Christie set up Paul Ryan perfectly, because as a counter image to Gov. Christie’s oversized personality, figure and squishy message discipline, Ryan looks like the iron soldier of conservatism, which helps him cut a 21st century image across his narrative, forming a new foundation for the next generation of Reagan disciples. Of course, this also includes supply side economics that has already been proven a disaster, as well as the damage profligate Pentagon spending has done to our country, pile on budgetary voodoo that was a failure, minus any revenue enhancement and tax increases, and it’s back to the future and bust all over again.

We haven’t even gotten to the issue of Ryan’s Medicare overhaul or that Paul Ryan has no plan or message on Social Security, and that nuns followed him around on a bus to protest their fellow Catholic’s horrendous hit on the poor in his budget.

If you’ve been listening to any commentary, Ryan’s speech tonight is being billed as the “biggest speech of his career.”

The standard for that is Barack Obama’s speech in 2004, which I’m doubtful anyone can ever top. Ryan may be good, but Obama proved himself a king. The new social media era also comes with people’s attention spans shorter.

In the 24/7 new-media era, what it will take in 2012 to break through like Obama did is an activist push from conservatives from all quarters, providing Paul Ryan delivers. The pressure on him to do so while eviscerating Obama policies and offering an alternative vision cannot be overstated.