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South Africa’s “Blade Runner,” Oscar Pistorius, Advances in 400-meter

“Thank you to everyone who has supported me, that was UNBELIEVABLE! Was so amazing to feel the energy from the crowd! Semi-final tomorrow! :)” he tweeted to his followers after the heat. – Pistorius, 25, Is First Double-Amputee Sprinter to Compete in Olympic Games

THE WORDS on the Nike ad say it all.

I was born without bones below the knee.
I only stand 5 feet 2.
But this is the body I have been given.
This is my weapon.
How I conquer. How I wage my war.
This is how I broke the world record 49 times.
How I became the fastest thing on no legs.
This is my weapon.
This is how I fight.

The verdict: “Miraculous.”

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One Response to South Africa’s “Blade Runner,” Oscar Pistorius, Advances in 400-meter

  1. newdealdem1 August 5, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    Oscar Pistorius looks so much like Marlon Brando. Very handsome.

    Pistorius is also one incredible human being and although I don’t have that many hero’s and shero’s in my life, the people who inspire me to be a better all-around person, I can say without much thought that Oscar Pistorius is of of my heros.

    I was wathing CNN or MSNBC (I don’t remember which) and they sent a reporter to South Africa to interview his grandma which was a truly fantastic report.

    That this young man has accomplished ao much after all of the eventfilled challenges in his young life is one thing but to compete in with the creme de la creme in his sport who are able bodied runners and has done well is nothing short of inspiring. He competed and won until he got to the penultimate race before the final in 400 meter run. How many could do this let alone someone using prosthetic legs. What a man and what an inspiration!

    In case you missed it, here is that interview with his gran in South Africa. Love is a powerful thing.

    btw, Ryan Lochte is a wimp and putz compared to Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius won something more important and lasting than some fleeting medal.

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