AFTER DECADES in politics and amassing an army of young people, the best the Republican Party could do for Ron Paul is the video above. CNN played it, C-SPAN did too, but there wasn’t much discussion anywhere about what he’s done for politics and to bring a generation of young people, as well as people across the age spectrum, into the political discussion.

A man with whom I disagree, his stance on women’s self-determination is appalling. He would only support a woman’s own freedom to have an abortion in the case of “honest rape.” He’s not Todd Akin, but he’s a close ideological cousin where women are concerned.

Why offer Newt and Callista Gingrich the stage?

Republicans have made a huge error this week and are going to lose young Paulites over it forever, because Paulites are mad as hell and very likely not going to take it anymore. They shouldn’t.

It’s not like the Republican Party can afford to alienate constituencies.

Ron Paul deserved his due, out of prime time, because he earned it. That Republicans didn’t is why the big two parties are becoming more irrelevant to more people.

Paulites should vote Gary Johnson and help Mitt Romney lose voters in a few states. It would serve Republicans right.