“You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had, was the day you voted for him.” – Mitt Romney

THE QUOTE above resonates with the situation the voter is in this year. It also goes to the one question Mitt Romney had to answer Thursday night.

If you’re someone who likes Pres. Obama, but is ready to vote for someone else because you’re worried about where the economy is going, is Romney a man you’d be willing to bet on to fix what’s wrong?

Before tonight Mitt Romney has been known as a cardboard cut out of a man who is untouchable, unknowable, unlikable. Last night he went a long way to revealing the depth of his heart. The video above gives you an example.

The most touching moment for me was when he talked about his mother getting a rose every day from his father, but one day it wasn’t there and she went looking for him. It’s the day she learned he’d died. As Mitt Romney told the story his eyes welled up, his voice caught, obviously remembering the heartbreak of his mother and the death of his father, his hero.

“… It wasn’t even the best speech of this convention. But it’s the best speech @MittRomney’s ever given in his life.” – Steve Schmidt, Senior Campaign Strategist and Advisor for John McCain in 2008

Romney talked about his faith as well, but also about Bain Capital. He made a joke about considering going to his church to ask them to invest in his company, then said, “I figured it was bad enough I might lose my investor’s money, but I didn’t want to go to hell, too.”

Nobody was expecting a soaring speech with driving rhetoric. Romney’s not that guy and it’s not the job he’s applying for.

On foreign policy the speech was a throwback. But since George W. Bush’s candidacy, I doubt anyone is expecting much of anything from Mitt Romney on foreign policy, except what is being passed down through John Bolton and Dan Senor. If the election is on national security Mitt Romney will lose, so it really doesn’t matter as much as what Romney revealed about himself.

What Mitt Romney succeeded in doing is filling out who he is and what he feels. The candidate himself putting up a warmer and a more accessible alternative against the man the Obama campaign has depicted by defining Romney first. A person who isn’t out to be your best friend, but someone who wants to solve the problems you’re facing, because he understands what a job means to people and their families.

Mitt Romney will have to drive this message every day, with Paul Ryan’s help, to prove they can be the turnaround team.

Mitt Romney is not a great speaker and it’s not important that he is, because he communicated as openly as he could. Romney came off as a serious, determined man, but also someone with heart. That’s all he had to do.