Convicted doper Floyd Landis, another Armstrong teammate, said he saw Armstrong using the performance enhancing drug EPO. “I also received some from him,” Landis told ABC News. “You know, rather than go into entire detail of every single time I’ve seen it: Yes, I saw Lance Armstrong using drugs.” [ABC News]

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS is a racket. College sports has been infected with the same lack of character, as we saw in the Jerry Sandusky case, with one of the most venerated coaches in history, Joe Paterno, judged to have covered for a child molester for years, along with others at Penn State. It comes after the Catholic Church was found to have shuttled pedophile priests around, continuing to endanger minors, because not even they had the moral courage to admit their crimes. Combined, this is representative of the lack of integrity that exists throughout American leadership, a plague that is also running rampant through our politics.

An excerpt from Armstrong’s statement:

There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, “Enough is enough.” For me, that time is now. I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999. Over the past three years, I have been subjected to a two-year federal criminal investigation followed by Travis Tygart’s unconstitutional witch hunt. The toll this has taken on my family, and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today “” finished with this nonsense.

I had hoped that a federal court would stop USADA’s charade. Although the court was sympathetic to my concerns and recognized the many improprieties and deficiencies in USADA’s motives, its conduct, and its process, the court ultimately decided that it could not intervene.

If I thought for one moment that by participating in USADA’s process, I could confront these allegations in a fair setting and “” once and for all “” put these charges to rest, I would jump at the chance. But I refuse to participate in a process that is so one-sided and unfair. Regardless of what Travis Tygart says, there is zero physical evidence to support his outlandish and heinous claims.

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