WHEN SEN. REID first unloaded the allegations on Monday, I wrote that without verification they were worthless. Reid offered no proof, while forwarding unsubstantiated allegations that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years. But Reid’s words could now be cashed in as far as Team Romney sees it.

Jon Stewart provided the perfect opening last night for Fehrnstrom, who didn’t waste any time on Thursday, blasting Reid on Fox News Channel. From Huffington Post:

“Have you no decency, sir?”

“I don’t think there is anything behind it. He hasn’t produced any evidence,” Fehrnstrom said Thursday in an interview with Fox News. “I’m telling you speaking on behalf of the governor that those charges are untrue, they are baseless and there is nothing to back them up.”

Majority Leader Reid isn’t backing down. The problem is that he’s turning into the story.