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Former Appalachian Trail Cheater Now Engaged to Lover

GETTING INVOLVED with a married man seldom ends happily. Unless you’re in it for a good time and it’s more friends with benefits than courtship it’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

Daily Beast chronicles a few high profile lovers who married the other woman.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford, who got caught with his Appalachian Trails lie hanging out, is now engaged to Maria Belen Chapur, the woman he went AWOL over to visit in Argentina.

“Yes, we are engaged, and I’m both happy and excited for what that means,” Sanford said in the statement to CNN. “I have long expressed my feelings for her; she’s a wonderful person. My closest friends have met and love her, and I look forward to introducing her to still many more that have yet to do so.” [The Hill]

Ladies, don’t try this without a guide and some good advice. It’s a recipe for a broken heart or worse, ravaged lived all ’round.

Ask Rielle Hunter.

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2 Responses to Former Appalachian Trail Cheater Now Engaged to Lover

  1. spincitysd August 28, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    Rielle Hunter pursued John Edwards; she stalked him. She enthusiastically signed up for the role of the “other women.” She practically begged for the heart ache. And when the whole thing went south, she cashed in with a tell-all book. She’s a vapid, narcissistic, dipsy-doodle, and Edwards richly deserved having her as his paramore. I have very little sympathy for either one of them.

    The really sad part is neither of them probably have much of learning curve and they will both continue to  make self-indulgent messes of their lives. Poor Frances Quinn Hunter, she is going to grow up with absolutely no adult supervision.


    As for little Miss Sparky Thing, what really takes me back is how her physiognomy is an almost perfect match for the ex Mrs. Stanford. The two women could be sisters separated at birth. Both have ectomorphic body types, almost gaunt in the case of Miss Sparky Thing. Both have very angular faces. I wonder what their personalities are like.

    The big difference is Ms. Chapur seems to had a independent life outside of her marriage. She was a free-lance journalist. That one fact has some of my nurons firing; maybe the attraction was for him was her independence.

    Something very primal was going on between the Governor and the Reporter. He threw away a twenty year marriage with five boys, plus a rising political career for Ms. Chapur. She tossed away her career for unwanted notoriety; forever being labeled a “mistress.” Even her obvious accomplishments, her command of several languages, her work as a journalist and translator, her long career have been reduced to the frivolities of a courtisan. Now she is nothing more than temporary Paparazzi fodder. She can’t even pick up groceries in private.

    That is story that does pull at my heart strings. It is an old story; the fires of passions burning down a lifetimes work in wind-wiped conflagration that leaves nothing behind but smoke and ashes in the wind. It is proof positive that life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.


  2. Taylor Marsh August 28, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    Lightning strikes loins.

.... a writer is someone who takes the universal whore of language
and turns her into a virgin again.  ~ erica jong