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WELL GOOD morning America.

You’re a racist.

No, you are.

Welcome to the battle to the bottom, with the Republicans leading so far. With the multiple welfare ads from Team Romney being unloaded on battleground airwaves, including where I live in the Virginia Beltway, also known as the D.C. suburbs, it’s non-stop at this point.

Chris Matthews unabashedly charged the Republican Party with playing the race card this morning on “Morning Joe,” while Joe Scarborough attempted to offer his party cover through daring Matthews to say Romney was playing the race card. Matthews did not back down. Matthews also went after Mitt Romney’s birther joke, which Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama have both deflected.

Tom Edsall addresses the racial overtones in Team Romney’s welfare ads today in the New York Times.

As the head of a tax-exempt 501(c)4 independent expenditure committee, Law cannot coordinate campaign strategy directly with the Romney campaign. Nonetheless, he is sending a warning. The welfare theme, Law said, “needs to be done sensitively. Right now it may be more of an economic issue than a values issue: In other words, more people on welfare is another disturbing symptom of Obama’s broken-down economy, rather than an indictment of those who are on welfare or the culture as a whole.”

Will the Romney campaign heed Law’s advice to keep it subtle? The principle media consultant for the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future, which will be running many of the anti-Obama ads over the next ten weeks, is Larry McCarthy, who produced the original Willie Horton ad.

Mitt Romney is threading a very thin needle, which with the history of the Republican Party, doesn’t allow much benefit of the doubt or room for error.

But guess what, as righteous as Chris Matthews is, this won’t help Pres. Obama and it won’t make more people want to vote or engage in the 2012 election.

It’s something Team Obama knows very well and so does Pres. Bill Clinton, which is why they all brushed off Romney’s birther joke last week.

This is the part of what’s going on with Mitt Romney’s ads that flies right over the heads of people like Matthews and others trying to help Obama. They’re simply falling right into Team Romney’s ad men’s trap.