In all counts but the claims about iPad design, the jury ruled overwhelmingly in Apple’s favor. [Wired]

THE JURY SLAPS Samsung with six patent violations and hands down $1.05 billion in damages as one of the largest intellectual-property awards in history.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Nine jurors delivered a sweeping victory to Apple Inc. in a high-stakes court battle against Samsung Electronics Co., awarding the Silicon Valley company $1.05 billion in damages and providing ammunition for more legal attacks on its mobile-device rivals.

Jurors Friday found that Samsung infringed all but one of the seven patents at issue in the case”“a patent covering the physical design of the iPad. They found all seven of Apple’s patents valid”“despite Samsung’s attempts to have them thrown out. They also decided Apple didn’t violate any of the five patents Samsung asserted in the case.

For the record, I recently bought the Galaxy S3 and am enthralled with it. I’ve used my husband’s Apple iPhone and just couldn’t warm to it. The Galaxy S3 is an amazing device, with the natural elements designed into it a hit with me. I also have a Samsung laptop, with backlit keyboard, because I work late into the night, which is an amazing machine. The video above explains well what using the Galaxy S3 is like, capturing the elements that hook the user to the device.

I guess I’m now supposed to feel guilty, but I just don’t. That Apple will get a whopping fee and vindication soothes whatever guilt I’m supposed to feel.