QUESTIONS AROSE for me about what Pres. Obama said in the press conference earlier this week, video below.

Here’s the snippet I questioned:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: […] And although these particular comments have led Governor Romney and other Republicans to distance themselves, I think the underlying notion that we should be making decisions on behalf of women for their healthcare decisions, or qualifying forcible rape versus non-forcible rape, I think those are broader issues, and that is a significant difference in approach between me and the other party.

I am now convinced that Pres. Obama’s habit of over-speaking is what made for such an awkward statement in the section above and made it sound like something it was not. Listening to the tape again, focusing on the reporter’s question, it’s clear. There was no effort to utilize “forcible rape” or “non-forcible rape” in any manner, except to distance himself from them. Obama’s declarative statement “rape is rape” is the bottom line for the President.

That said, Pres. Obama’s overindulgence in hearing his own voice trips him up often, which is why he’s usually scripted. There was no reason to even say “or qualifying forcible rape versus non-forcible rape.” It was stupid to do so. If he weren’t so clinical it would also help, but his empathy gene is non-existent. Why the leader of the Democratic Party can’t show sufficient passion about the subject of rape without also invoking wingnut words like “forcible rape versus non-forcible rape” is pathetic.

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