“It took a lot of work to get to where are are today, but I want people to know we’re a normal family,” says Abedin, 37. “Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be,” she says of her husband, who does all the laundry. “I’m proud to be married to him.” – Anthony Weiner Shares a Family Photo

DEMOCRATIC SELF-LOATHING has robbed the party of many talented people. Republican voters seem to always forgive their guys. Democratic self-loathing doesn’t seem to allow for it, because for some reason Democrats are trying to live up to a religious conservative standard that not even Republicans can meet.

Republicans self-righteousness allows nefarious womanizers like Newt Gingrich to believe forgiveness is due them, because right-wingers think they’re connection to God entitles them to be forgiven and politically redeemed. Rudy Giuliani is another classic case, who also ran for president after humiliating his wife, as is David Vitter, who remains in the U.S. Senate.

Eliot Spitzer would be a lot more effective in the political arena than he is on Current TV and I say this as one of his viewers. John Edwards, the idiot pretty boy, spoke of “two Americas” long before Occupy was born and his message was very similar. Whether he can resurrect his reputation with voters in North Carolina is highly unlikely and if he decides he can’t he has no one to blame but himself and I bet he’d be the first to agree. But his focus on the poor is worth a lot more today than the Democrats supporting austerity in the Congress.

It shouldn’t just be former Pres. Bill Clinton who is forgiven and allowed to keep his job against all Republican efforts to take him down. The American people decided he should, through a lot of help from Hillary Rodham Clinton, who saved his philandering ass.

Mr. Weiner is keeping mum about any forays back into politics, but he and his family didn’t do the People article for grins. So, I’ll take the question left unasked. There is no reason Anthony Weiner shouldn’t be allowed to put himself back into the political arena, if that’s what he and his wife decide, though he told People he has no plans to run for mayor. New York voters can decide from there. They’re smart and are very capable of assessing what politician has their best interests in mind.

We have far too few politicians on the leaning-away-from-center-pushing-the-left-ish-side of the political aisle as it is.

The other issue is that our politics is rotten at the core. It’s a dirty business and what Anthony Weiner did was sleazy, but it wasn’t illegal. It’s not even out of the ordinary. People also have to get over the ridiculous idea that politicians are role models. It’s patently absurd. Read history and you’ll see that the marketing of legends didn’t match up to the men they actually were in real life. What’s laudable about an Administration letting Wall Street crooks off the hook, while the American taxpayer pays the bill? What’s exemplary about promoting entitlement “reform,” while funding drone programs that kill innocent people? What’s moral about cutting food stamps for the neediest Americans? Have you read Mitt Romney’s economic plan?

Has Anthony Weiner done anything to keep the middle class from thriving? Is he against American workers getting a living wage? Does he support austerity? His Middle East views are right-wing, but it’s still the expected norm if you represent New York, as well as the Democratic Party. These are the questions that should make a difference to Democrats, not whether he can pass the fidelity test, which a lot of men and women can’t.

But then, I’ve done time researching and investigating relationships, sexuality and the dating scene, so I know Anthony Weiner isn’t an anomaly. He’s just someone who got caught.

Everything else is between he and his wife, the beautiful and talented Huma Abedin, Secy. Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, who has forgiven him after what I’m sure was a walk through hell.

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