Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the minister responsible for the Olympics, said Saturday that the organizing committee was “doing a full investigation into what happened. .—°.—°. We think it was accredited seats that belong to sponsors, but if they are not going to turn up, we want those tickets to be available for members of the public, because that creates the best atmosphere.” The International Olympic Committee moved quickly to quash those rumors… – At London Olympics, empty seats have organizers scrambling, giving away tickets to children and soldiers

THE OIC HAS some explaining to do, with their answers so far pitiful. Now London politicians, the organizers, sponsors and just about everyone else are scrambling.

From the Washington Post:

This isn’t the first time organizers have come under fire for ticketing mishaps. Earlier this month, they withdrew 500,000 tickets for soccer matches following meager demand in large stadiums dotted around the country. They also announced in July they were offering refunds to thousands of ticket holders in the 10-meter platform diving event because the position of their seats meant that the divers would briefly jump out of view.

Following the embarrassing images of unfilled seats, a resale system was introduced over the weekend whereby people leaving an event early can return tickets that can later be sold to people already in the Olympic Park. On Saturday, nearly 300 tickets for handball were recycled this way.

Organizers also said they would try to sell unused tickets to the public. On Saturday night, nearly 1,000 tickets for gymnastics previously earmarked for the “Olympic family” were put on sale to the public. They were immediately snapped up.