IT’S THE TWITTER hashtag, #romneyinshambles, and it’s been trending for 24 hours. It’s the biggest legacy from Romney’s foreign policy gaffe tour.

Jimmy Fallon, my fave, starts off the National Journal’s round-up of Romney jokes last night. Mentioning a town hall setting that will be part of the presidential campaign, he says one of the questions is “Are you the only two choices?”

That’s the 2012 campaign in a nutshell.

Unfortunately, the media isn’t covering the other choices.

Jill Stein, who has qualified for matching funds for the first time in Green Party history.

Gary Johnson, who is trying desperately to get into the debates, but he needs to reach 15%.

Rocky Anderson, who can’t get on the ballot in most states.

But the real reason corporate and most new media isn’t covering them is because they can’t compete. They simply don’t have the money to put up a bid for the presidency.