CHARLIE ROSE is why I began taping “CBS This Morning” every day, but I’ll admit to being a new fan of Gayle King. Erica Hill has never really shined in the show and now she’s out.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Nearly eight months after CBS’ morning show relaunched with a focus on hard news, co-anchor Erica Hill is out, replaced by CBS News chief White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell.

O’Donnell will join co-hosts Charlie Rose and Gayle King on “CBS This Morning” in the fall. Hill, who was a co-anchor of the previous incarnation of CBS’ morning program, “The Early Show,” is in discussions regarding a new role.

When Ms. O’Donnell guest hosted for Hill recently, she pulled focus, her personality and strength on camera undeniable. It was a marked improvement from Hill’s reserved nature, though she’s obviously a competent newswoman. The smartest move Norah O’Donnell ever made was leaving NBC.

I’ve read several articles about how this professional mom juggles her life and family, which seems to work for her. In addition to her new role in the morning, O’Donnell is the principle substitute for Face the Nation and contributes to 60 Minutes. She calls it her “dream.”

O’Donnell also refutes the Ann-Marie Slaughter syndrome, which, of course, can only be done well if you have the money to pull it off (which Slaughter does). It’s important that women in the professional level of O’Donnell step forward to talk about how it can work, especially since there’s such a fetish for talking about how it never does:

The couple also have two young twins, Henry and Grace. While Tracy can get home often in between the lunch and dinner rushes at his restaurants, as a journalist O’Donnell has no set schedule. However, she hates the idea that women can’t have a high-powered job and be a mother.

“It’s absolutely archaic,” she said.

“”¦And sexist,” Tracy added.

O’Donnell has a term she’s coined for the struggles mothers face. “When I refer to “motherism,” it’s when people say things like oh you’re a mother of three young children, you shouldn’t work, or perhaps don’t want to work,” she said. “I believe you can work both inside and outside the home and they’re equally rewarding.”

As for CBS “This Morning,” the opening shot of the trio, which will now include Norah O’Donnell this fall, is always fun to watch. It’s Gayle King’s wardrobe and stiletto or platform heels, not to mention her coordinated eyewear, makeup and hair, that’s a snapshot keeper, with King’s personality made for morning TV. Every time she tweaks Charlie Rose and pushes him into showing a little more of his personal side it’s priceless; their segments some of the most endearing in the show.

While “CBS This Morning” is not competing in the same space as GMA and “Today,” at least CBS finally has a respectable entry, thanks to Chris Licht, who created “Morning Joe.” Whatever the magic is that makes morning TV sing, Licht’s got the key.

Now Norah O’Donnell takes a seat among the heady top tier of female morning show hosts, catapulting her well beyond what she had an opportunity to do on NBC. It offers her a space to become a star player, which she clearly believes is where she belongs, instead of part of the filler, which is how NBC always utilized her. And it only took one year at CBS for her to do it.