“The NCAA just crushed Penn State football.” – Bruce Feldman, CBS Sports [on “Daily Rundown,” with Chuck Todd]

JOE PATERNO’S STATUE has been removed from the college campus, the beginning of penalties that should resound throughout college sports, but also beyond, in actions that begin to send a message that wasn’t received even after the Catholic Church pedophile scandal. The NCAA picked up the gauntlet, with Mark Emmert, NCAA president, announcing the harshest penalties in college football history against Penn State for the crimes and cover up of the most powerful people in college football, beginning with the late Joe Paterno, but stopped short of the “death penalty.”

Among the sanctions announced:

Fine of $60 million dollars, which will support an endowment of victims of child sexual abuse. It is one year’s gross revenue of Pen State’s football program.

Ban from bowl games and post-season play 4 years.

Reduce from 25 to 15 scholarships for 4 years.

Vacates all wins from 1998 to 2011.

Vacating the wins means Joe Paterno is no longer the most winningest coach in NCAA history.

Additionally, all players at Penn State can transfer out of the college without penalty.

The “death penalty,” banning Penn State from football, for 1 or more years was discussed by the NCAA board. Emmert stated that the sanctions were meant to drive the significance of the crimes and cover-up throughout society. A ban of football, according to the NCAA board’s judgment, would have brought “significant unintended harm” to those who had nothing to do with the Paterno gang’s criminal sexual crimes and cover up.

Penn State now cannot recruit the best athletes, which is the bottom line for all college teams. They can play football, begin to rebuild, but they cannot compete.

This was a consent decree, which Penn State has signed, meaning the college has accepted this verdict.

The NCAA attempted to send a “too big to fail” message, which was invoked by Mark Emmert, to all college teams of Penn State’s stature, telling them all that you will be held accountable for your actions.

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