Rarely do I disagree with best VP ever but @SarahPalinUSA more qualified than Obama and Biden combined. Huge respect 4 all she’s done 4 GOP. – Liz Cheney, via Twitter

“Obviously, I’m not a big fan of President Obama,” said Cheney in an excerpt from an interview with ABC News aired Monday on “Good Morning America.” “I think he’s been one of our weakest presidents. I fundamentally disagree with him philosophically ““ be hard-put to find any Democratic president I disagree with more.” Asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl if Obama was “worse than Jimmy Carter, in your perspective,” Cheney responded, “Yes.” – Cheney: Obama worse than Carter, “˜one of our weakest presidents’

THE HEIRESS to Dick Cheney’s neoconservative legacy made a rare step out beyond her father to stand up for Sarah Palin. It’s been relative silence from conservative women on the right after former V.P. Dick Cheney unloaded on Mrs. Palin in an interview ABC News.

That one,” Cheney said, “I don’t think was well handled.”

“The test to get on that small list has to be, “˜Is this person capable of being president of the United States?'”

Cheney believes Sarah Palin failed that test.

“I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She “” attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test”¦of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

Dick Cheney’s cheap shot artistry is founded on the reality that he’s setting the record straight while he has time. This evidently means unloading on everyone in sight. As the quote at the top reveals, he’s making sure Pres. Obama gets his fair share as well.

There’s no doubt Sarah Palin’s vice presidential candidacy was a disaster. A great deal of the blame should be laid at the McCain campaign’s doorstep. There was no reason to believe Palin could handle national interviews before she’d even been trotted out to the right-wing base through wingnut radio. Missing this simple strategy was political malpractice and would have allowed Mrs. Palin to prepare for what was to come, while gaining confidence through interviews in friendly territory.

Palin also deserves a lot of credit, which I write about in my book, for how she rallied the Tea Party amid the Obamacare campaign, being one of those responsible for the bad marketing wrap the Democratic health care plan received. That she ended up using the power she’d amassed unwisely, replicating some of her worst attributes that included her behavior after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, is still playing out. But she has had an impact on the Republican Party of today that is far greater than Dick Cheney, which was proven when Liz Cheney got her back.

V.P. Dick Cheney’s legacy will not be a positive one when history’s final episode is written. It will likely center on the changes of the man from where he began, the damage Nixon’s resignation caused him psychologically, as well as giving historians much to ruminate over, starting with his reputation that came crashing down during the Bush administration. Cheney’s torture policy also did real damage to our country, while his interference with CIA policy left one man in his office, Scooter Libby, indicted and disgraced. Cheney’s fall from grace is proven by Pres. George W. Bush distancing himself from his own vice president in his second term, with Cheney’s power neutered.

Liz Cheney’s defense of Palin is as strategic as it is heartfelt. She’s not about to tick off the Tea Party queen or her fans. It’s just bad form in a party who depends on the far right to get nominated. Because keeping your options open is job one in life, no matter what you do. At some point it’s a good bet Mrs. Cheney will step out of the political sidelines and make a play of her own. Whether it’s for senator or perhaps eyeing the presidency herself, she’ll need all the help she can get. After all, we are talking about the Republican Party, where women are given jobs and titles, but rarely the requisite responsibility.

And as chairman of Keep America Safe, Mrs. Cheney is making sure she stays moored to the one sure thing that can impress Republican voters, especially if you’re a woman: national security.