Congressional Democrats took aim at Mitt Romney on Wednesday by calling for legislation to require presidential candidates to disclose a decade of their tax returns and the value and location of accounts in tax-haven countries. – Democrats hit Mitt with a tax bill [The Hill]

IT SHOULD BE named after Mitt Romney, because Democrats seek to do through legislation what Mitt Romney won’t do because of lack of character. I put it that way, because no one thinks he did anything illegal. Romney just knows he’ll be embarrassed if the country gets a load of his taxes, which he evidently can’t defend. It’s all simply “kind of amusing” to him.

On the other side of the Romney coin, Bain Capital, Buzzfeed has unearthed a video and Olympic documents that reveal Romney was indeed trading off his CEO status at the company during the Olympics, when in 2000 and 2001 when he was introduced, Bain was the trumpet to announce the cavalry had arrived in Salt Lake.

The ad above is the American Crossroads response to the business attacks on Mitt Romney.