SIT BACK and listen to the best selling jazz song of the 20th century… Then watch the full episode of “Political Animals.” Sigourney Weaver plays Secretary of State Elaine Barrish, with a family of misfits, in a world that’s always on boil, in an age where the media is looking for ratings over anything else.

It’s not an accident if it reminds you of someone else and that the last line in the series premiere makes you dream of what might yet come true for that someone.

Tough day. Take a load off. Hug your cat… your dog… your mate… Drink a glass of whatever takes the edge off. We’ve all earned it.

What happened today was a horrible tragedy and that’s when it’s most important to enjoy the sweetness of life, so you never forget what it feels like. Step away from the television, quit watching the news. Steal a moment of happiness for yourself. It’s good for you.