SEVENTY-THREE PAGES OF EMAILS from former Gov. Romney have been disclosed by the Wall Street Journal. “We can’t make this work without an individual mandate,” Mark Maremont reports one of Romney’s aides saying, in what should be a blockbuster story.

The individual mandate is something that rubs me wrong, but the health care experts argue it’s necessary. The current health care law, ACA, just doesn’t have enough consumer protections and the power remains with private insurance. Get more options, Medicare for all or a public option, then we can talk about a mandate. The Supreme Court will weigh in later this month on the matter and then the campaign will be off and running no matter what they decide.

The real tragedy in all this is what might happen if Mitt was allowed to be Mitt. He may be personally against women’s individual freedoms, but in Massachusetts he fought to protect them. Same goes for gay rights, though only up to a point, after all he is a Republican. There’s a reason right wingers aren’t sure about Mitt Romney and these emails give a hint as to why. That Romney can’t brag about Romneycare is also sad. Any politician worth his or her salt knows our country needs national health care.

Unfortunately, the moment Mitt Romney embraced Paul Ryan’s austerity plan he pretty much stepped in a trap that hobbles him and competes with Pres. Obama’s vulnerability against the global markets, including China’s slowdown, something neither can move around.

But as Pres. Clinton illustrated last night, tying Mitt Romney to austerity through the Ryan plan, as the world economic markets shudder, is a way to make it clear to voters that there is a choice in November, with the option of Romney equating to the same type of austerity that has plunged Britain into a double-dip recession.

It also might have the added impact of backing Pres. Obama off any further Republicanism he’s toying with going forward. That’s the overly optimistic viewpoint.