“When somebody stands with you, you stand with them. It’s raw politics 101…” – Paul Begala on CNN

Meanwhile, Barrett for Wisconsin finance director Mary Urbina-McCarthy emailed supporters late Monday, writing, “Reports coming into our call center have confirmed that Walker’s allies just launched a massive wave of voter suppression calls to recall petition signers,” according to Salon.com. [Politico]

IF WALKER WINS Republicans will shout it from the rooftops that it means everything for November. It doesn’t.

If Tom Barrett wins labor will be shouting they’re back. They’re not.

My hubby is watching this closely and is fuming over the latest news. This is blue collar stuff, which gets his dander up.

Turnout’s the ballgame, because that does means something and if Romney’s team moves into Wisconsin to take over where Scott Walker left off it’s going to be quite a battle ground brawl.

Meanwhile, dirty tricks, shenanigans and the kitchen sink is being thrown at Tom Barrett and the Democrats. They needed more resources, because they simply cannot compete with 8 to 1 odds against them.