Today’s Supreme Court is often referred to as Anthony Kennedy’s Court. Although Kennedy is the swing justice who usually casts the deciding vote in close cases, the landmark ruling this week in the healthcare cases clearly marks the maturation of the “Roberts Court.” – The Roberts Court Is Born

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS and the majority found through the mechanism of taxes a way to uphold a congressional law. It’s clear now that the Roberts Court believes this is part of its duty, affirming SCOTUS is an equal brand of government that must respect what the Legislative branch does as well. It’s a constitutional ruling that affirms the founders intention.

If you want to know why people are so confused on Obamacare, take a look at CNN, which earned it’s Lowest Ratings On Cable award today, as well as Fox News Channel, both of whom completely blew the call. Pete Williams of NBC had SCOTUSBLOG on board, while MSNBC was aided by Lawrence O’Donnell’s deep knowledge of taxes, helping viewers to understand the confusion caused on other networks who were fixated on being first instead of being correct.

Bill Hemmer: “We have breaking news here on the Fox News Channel, the individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional. This was a part of the law that was at the center of the oral arguments three months ago on this day when the justices hammered away at the White House and the administration’s attorney, questioning the validity of the individual mandate and asking the following pointed question: if you can legislate healthcare, where can the federal government be stopped?” Banner on the screen: “Supreme Court finds health care individual mandate unconstitutional”Dylan Byers

New media ruled in this historic moment, led by SCOTUSBLOG. The Medicaid expansion is dissected over at SCOTUSBLOG, which is getting its due today.

One thing that Justice Roberts and the Court also did yet again was cement elite control over the country, our politics and our lives.

Obamacare remains a gift to private insurance and Big Pharma, just as Citizens United was a boon to the moneyed interests to stay in control of our politics, cementing the big two parties in perpetuity because of the decision this week on the Montana case.

I’m a liberal, so the mandate bothered my libertarian streak, but as a pure tax it doesn’t give me one second of pause. That’s a philosophical point, which remains irreconcilable with my firm opinion that the foundation of Obamacare is what keeps costs high.

People complaining that we are now a socialist country miss the reality of the last 100 years. We have been a democratic socialist nation, starting with F.D.R. Listen to Lawrence O’Donnell when he gets on a roll and you’ll see this is true; he also always said this was an issue of taxing, something that turned out to be true. The reality is that the global economy that has killed unions, including inside the Democratic Party, has rendered looking after the least among us a civic duty in a society that hopes to have any equality at all.

Justice Roberts and the majority citing taxes as making the individual mandate viable puts real pressure on the Grover Norquist contingent, but also Paul Ryan and the entire anti-tax conservative contingent. Republicans are up against it on the tax issue as well, because a Republican chief justice appointed by Pres. George W. Bush has now deemed congressional taxes as a powerful weapon for the people.

As for the politics, Mitt Romney’s statement was perfect for the Republicans, even if his podium sign of “repeal and replace” was absurd.

He leveled the charge of Pres. Obama raising taxes, that Obamacare was a job-killer that also brings government too far into our lives. However, in the larger context Republicans have a huge problem. In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal polling, the internals show the country split in thirds on Obamacare, with a third of the public unsure. The Roberts majority opinion will very likely move those undecided/ambivalent voters over to approving of Obamacare, however slowly it happens.

Perhaps those Republicans who are less strident and militant will be buoyed by the Roberts Court decision on Obamacare.

Pres. Obama’s statement could not have been better. Short and to the point, the President showed no surprise at all, simply affirming that leveling the playing field for all has always been his goal, which is a just action of any president.