Both the Paycheck Fairness Act and and Heller’s legislation would protect women who are trying to find out if they are being discriminated against based on their gender. The Paycheck Act also allows the federal government to collect salary information to monitor possible pay discrimination. Heller’s bill does not include that provision. Both bills outlaw firing an employee for inquiring about salaries to determine gender discrimination. (Sen. Dean) Heller said the Democrats’ act would hurt employers and only help trial lawyers. [The Hill]

MITT ROMNEY HID on this one, while Sen. Dean Heller did the talking, calling the bill a “war on free enterprise.” The fact that Romney’s presidential website doesn’t even have an area for “Women’s Issues” gives you a hint why he’s been silent on the subject.

Pres. Obama not only has a category for “Women,” he’s done a few things to reach out that goes beyond the Lily Ledbetter Act.

News outlets can’t even get a straight answer on whether Mr. Romney supports the Paycheck Fairness Act that every Republican voted against today. Combine all this and you get why.

Republicans have their own bill now, compliments of Sen. Heller, but it doesn’t allow the feds to collect salary info from employers to monitor whether women are getting screwed. They are pro employer, just not pro women’s equal pay, as we saw during the Lily Ledbetter Act debate when Republicans voted against that, too.

The goal of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which Republicans in the Senate blocked, was to strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963.  With women the breadwinners in half of the homes in America, why wouldn’t Republicans support this bill? Democrats wrote it; employers are held accountable; women can sue for damages if they’re treated unfairly. The Paycheck Fairness Act also “creates a federal grant program to improve salary negotiating skills for women as well as aims to strengthen protections for women filing gender discrimination lawsuits concerning salaries” [The Hill].

This is one of those times that I really sympathize with your average voter. You see Republicans doing things like this and you just want to scream, then vote for a Democrat, no matter how conservative, corporate or in the pocket of lobbyists he or she is. When you’re a busy person sometimes it’s that one issue that hits you that makes the difference.

Republicans should be ashamed.

It’s another Sister Souljah moment for Mitt Romney, but he won’t take it, because he’s too afraid the tail that wags the dog will slap him silly.

Statement by the President on the Paycheck Fairness Act

This afternoon, Senate Republicans refused to allow an up-or-down vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act, a commonsense piece of legislation that would strengthen the Equal Pay Act and give women more tools to fight pay discrimination. It is incredibly disappointing that in this make-or-break moment for the middle class, Senate Republicans put partisan politics ahead of American women and their families. Despite the progress that has been made over the years, women continue to earn substantially less than men for performing the same work. My Administration will continue to fight for a woman’s right for equal pay for equal work, as we rebuild our economy so that hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and every American gets a fair shot to succeed.