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Republican or Democratic: the two “evil” choices are less than we deserve. That includes those of Queerdom, where you’ll hear the same general discussions about our choices that you hear everywhere else.

Lisa Keen covers one piece of the discussion when she writes about the LGBT gold rush to Obama:

President Obama has been greeted with thunderous ovations and thousands of dollars in LGBT contributions since his May 9 announcement that he supports allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Not everyone is applauding, of course, and those who are, do so at widely varying degrees of enthusiasm. As for the thousands of rainbow hued dollars “” millions actually “” the few who can do big bundling are the exception, just like in any other demographic. There is less giving from Queerdom as a whole, which could have as much to do with things like unemployment as anything else.

But there’s definitely a distinct divide between “Obama’s the only choice” and “No more two party games” factions. Pam Spaulding got quite a conversation going in the comment thread, with her recent Earth to the President: voters and donors you need are checking out of the process, which began:

Wake the F up, people. Do you really want Romney as President?!

Spaulding obviously sees the need for the Obama campaign to “wake up,” but she also focuses on voters.

… this President didn’t give us all of the hopey-changey goodness he promised … , and I’ve been highly critical of his foot-dragging leadership …, but really ““ do people want Romney and his adviser Robert Bork packing the U.S. Supreme Court?

The comments include support for Obama, with a lot of the “you have no other choice” angle and “I refuse to play the two party game” perspectives.

mswinkle … I think maybe you need to wake up they are all puppets and choosing from puppet a or puppet b is just a question of how slow or how fast they will burn us frogs …

dogjudge … So the best reason for voting for President Obama is that he isn’t Mitt Romney? I’ll begrudgingly be voting for him, but don’t expect me to do much more. …

SouthernDragon … Think about all the things the Tea Party Regressives have said they want to do. Those aren’t empty campaign promises, they’ll do it. …

kall … the Democratic Party had notice served that “˜We Suck Less’ was not an acceptable electoral case in 2010.

A couple of days later, Spaulding posted LGBT rights advances under President Obama that President Romney could undo.

The major problem the LGBT community faces with a life under Mittens is that most of the advances that have occurred during the Obama administration are what I called “˜Cinderella Crumbs’ back in 2010:

“˜A …. breathtaking accomplishment that turns into a pumpkin at midnight”“ in this case, whenever a future homophobic president decides to rescind the baby step “¦ .’

The list she provides also appeared at The Washington Blade:

… Many of the pro-LGBT advances that have happened under the Obama administration occurred through changes made by the executive branch rather than through legislation. Changes that were made without the consent of Congress could be reversed … .

Would Romney in the WH seek such “reversals”? No one knows, of course. But he gave another reason for concern. Via Politicker:

… Romney made a speech via satellite at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Saturday morning in which he reiterated his view that children are better off growing up with hetereosexual (sic) parents. …

Though Mr. Romney believes states should be allowed to give gay couples the right to adopt children, he has said in multiple interviews that he believes a heterosexual marriage is the “˜ideal setting’ for children to grow up in. He opposes granting either marriages or civil unions to gay couples.

Whatever else, the Obama campaign sees the need to reach out the LGBT communities. As reported at CNN, Obama tries to reset with gay community, reporting on a WH reception last Friday in honor of Pride month.

“˜After decades of inaction and indifference, you have every reason and right to push loudly and forcefully for equality,’ Obama said … . “˜But three years ago I promised you … that even if it took more time that I would like, we would see progress …, and … that’s what we’re witnessing.’

Meanwhile, potentially problematic, from Buzzfeed:

A new profile says Obama (campaign manager) … Jim Messina was behind a gay-baiting political ad in 2002. … The ad was run against Mike Taylor, a Republican challenger to Senator Max Baucus of Montana.

The spot features porn music and decades old footage of Taylor’s men’s cosmetic line, suggestively edited to end with an apparent crotch grab.

Baucus says that when Messina showed him the ad, “I loved it!”

Writing in Salon, David Sirota called the spot “˜one of the most homophobic ads in American history.’

The Obama campaign’s response to the story was an email from Joe Solmonese, who just left HRC. Solmonese defended Messina.

Finally, check out Queer the Vote, from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

Elected officials need to know that LGBT people and allies comprise a voting bloc that won’t sit on the sidelines as their rights and lives are being trampled upon.

It’s 2012, and the two-partying “evils” and “lessers” want you to join them.

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