Joyce L. Arnold, Liberally Independent, Queer Talk, equality activist, writer.

On the night of June 27 / early morning of June 28, 1969, what came to be known as the Stonewall Riots, or the Stonewall Rebellion, began. For any number of reasons, that night when the latest of the frequent police raids of the Stonewall Inn occurred, the LGBTQ patrons didn’t go quietly. Pride Festivals trace their beginnings, at least in part, to those few nights in NYC. It isn’t that there hadn’t been work done before then, toward “gay liberation,” as it was often called. But the Stonewall Rebellion was about as grassroots as you can get, and while the actions of these LGBTQ people for a few nights would surely make today’s DC focused organizations cringe, those who “came out” those evenings helped galvanize a movement that continues today.

Sometimes the changes that have occurred since then seem astounding, and they really are. Sometimes, though, it feels as if while we’re making progress, the progress toward full equality is taking a very long time. Watching Obama evolve and Romney devolve is just another indication of the very much “in process” nature of the LGBT movement.

On this anniversary of Stonewall, and as Pride celebrations continue around the world, a few photos to illustrate how things have, and haven’t, changed.

In support of Pride, on June 25 Nabisco posted the photo above of the Rainbow Oreo on the Oreo Facebook page (off topic, but if we can be friends with a cookie, doesn’t that contribute to the “corporations are people” thing?). Some 20,000 comments followed.

Meanwhile, Minnesota for Marriage (one man, one woman only), affiliated with The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), announced the Dump General Mills petition. The Pillsbury Dough Boy parent company opposes the anti-marriage equality amendment that NOM is working very hard to pass in Minnesota. NOM has been working on a Dump Starbucks campaign for a while. Now they can not have coffee while not eating their Cheerios.

Something different but equally as telling, from Being Liberal, a reminder of how much more educating remains to be done.

Yet another indication of the sneaky “Gay Agenda” radicals, trying to teach our innocent children that “homo sapiens” should be seen as natural. Next thing you know, they’ll be feeding the kids Oreos while showing the Dough Boy marching with Spongebob.