NOBODY CAN MAKE the case for Democrats and Pres. Obama better than William Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton also outlines what will happen if on Thursday the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare or any part of the historic legislation. It begins with a backlash against Republicans. I’m more inclined to believe it will set a fire under Pres. Obama, which is needed right now, because we are currently under a mind-numbing march to a November election that so far is about absolutely nothing but buying the presidency.

From the Daily Beast:

In the 51 years since President Kennedy took the oath of office, Republicans have had 28 years in the White house; Democrats have had 23. In the same half century, the economy has produced 66 million private-sector jobs”“42 million of them under the Democrats, 24 million under the Republicans. “No one states these facts,” Clinton asserts.

“When President Obama took office, it was four months after we suffered the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression,” he says. “The depth of it continued to persist through the first six or seven months of the president’s term.

“Then he passed his legislation, and it began to have an effect. In the last three or four months, the private sector has produced 4.3 million new jobs. That is 40 percent more than the 2.6 million jobs produced by the private sector in the seven years of the Bush administration before the financial meltdown. That’s another relevant fact that hardly anybody knows.”

By Clinton math, Republicans’ score on job creation since they were given control of the House is negative by 670,000 people. “They refused to back the president in his support for state and local government, and that has allowed 670,000 teachers, police officers, firefighters, and others to be laid off,” Clinton asserts. “If they had supported the president, the unemployment rate would be 7.3 percent instead of the current 8-plus percent.”