WHILE DAVID PLOUFFE tried to make the case that Pres. Obama’s executive order on DREAMers wasn’t at all political, which is laughable on its face, Bill Kristol nailed the situation on the Republican side of things. From Politico’s Reid Epstein:

“This was the anti-Marco Rubio initiative by the administration,” Kristol said. “They were scared. Sen. Rubio was about to introduce his version of the Dream Act, which would have been closer to what President Obama announced than the actual Democratic Dream Act. I wish Rubio had introduced it over the last month or two. He got stalled, not every Republican was on board, the Romney campaign’s been cautious about it.”

And Kristol said Romney, who during the GOP primary staked out a more conservative position on immigration than his opponents, in particular Texas Gov. Rick Perry, is now in a tight spot.

“This is a big problem for Romney,” Kristol said. “He needs to take the lead on this, and in my view embrace Marco Rubio’s Dream Act if that’s what he wants and say, “˜Let’s pass this in Congress over the next few months, this is what I’m for.”

There is little doubt the White House has their eye on Marco Rubio, with Mitt Romney following his lead. The next step should be Republicans gathering around Sen. Rubio and pushing his version of the DREAM Act, with Mitt Romney approving.

Oh! But wait! The Republican hard right won’t let that happen and because of this the presidency will be a lot harder for Mitt Romney to win.

On Sunday with Bob Schieffer of CBS Face the Nation, Mitt Romney wouldn’t say what would happen to Obama’s policy if he were election, instead saying they’d be “overtaken by events, if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution.”

“With regards to these kids who were brought in by their parents through no fault of their own, there needs to be a long-term solution so they know what their status is,” Romney continued. “This is something Congress has been working on, and I thought we were about to see some proposals brought forward by Sen. Marco Rubio and by Democrat senators, but the president jumped in and said I’m going to take this action – he called it a stop-gap measure.”

graphic via Pocho