Why not the best for President Obama and the Democratic party? And how much more will victory be worth having this November when it’s a victory over the liberal dream team of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? – “Why Not the Best,” by Bill Kristol

DON’T TELL ME Republicans are going to make Elizabeth Cheney, former “Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs,” go through the Senate farm system.

Don’t tell me Sen. Marco Rubio is a better vice presidential choice than Dick Cheney’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth. She beats him on experience alone, though we all know that doesn’t matter to Republicans.

Because Republicans are more worried about the Hispanic vote more than the women’s vote? No doubt Rubio could change this and heaven knows the Republicans sure could use a shift away from their “illegal” immigration phobia. When I first mentioned Sen. Rubio as the best pick, it was soon after he gave the obligatory no, he wasn’t interested. If they could get the women’s vote, which is possible on economics alone, they won’t need many Hispanics, which looking at the map out west isn’t very encouraging.

But Mitt Romney will never be confused with Rick Santorum on these issues, and many women understand that. (I should disclose here that my husband is an adviser to Mr. Romney; I have no involvement with any campaign, and have been an independent journalist throughout my career.) The struggling women in my life all laughed when I asked them if contraception or abortion rights would be a major factor in their decision about this election. For them, and for most other women, the economy overwhelms everything else.Obama: Stop Condescending to Women, by Campbell Brown

Where are conservative women on this one?

Why aren’t women on the right being more aggressive for a woman vice presidential nominee?

Are they really going to settle for two men on the ticket? It’s so 20th century.

Is Sarah Palin’s disastrous candidacy actually going to make them miss this moment? A moment ripe to beat Pres. Obama, but which comes with a Republican nominee who’s a horrific political candidate that desperately needs a lift, someone who could appeal to the majority voting block, women.

When Mrs. Cheney was asked about her political ambitions on Fox News Channel, she demurred: “I’m really focused on defeating Barack Obama. We don’t have the luxury, frankly, of looking beyond this election.”

What better way to take on Obama than next to Mitt Romney?

Now, I’m not a fan of Mrs. Cheney’s politics, obviously. But I’m sick to death of making incredibly strong women be subjected to the boys’ rules when it’s clear she’s prepared, served in sensitive positions in government, as well as having a solid anti-women’s rights stance on every issue that matters to religious conservatives.

Liz is mentioned in my book, the chapter on “It’s All the Women’s Fault,” for a couple of reasons, beginning with her role in a weird honor crimes case that turned out to be a hoax, as well as the embarrassing lawyer squabble she got into with conservatives over the constitutional right of legal representation of alleged terrorists. But also because I think she’s worthy of the Republican all star ideological national security team, as the video above illustrates.

Going down the list of women on the right who deserve attention for vice president, Mrs. Cheney is a more attractive candidate than Sen. Ayotte, Gov. Haley and Gov. Martinez combined, while also wiping away the Sarah Palin stain, because she’d play with the media like a cat with a bird, while not missing a beat on policy questions, no matter the subject. That is if anyone could get a question in edgewise, with mighty Liz talking about whatever she wanted and doing so with acrobatic aplomb.

The other factor is Mitt Romney’s hopeless befuddlement on foreign policy. He just can’t help it, because he’s reading off of a script without any depth on the subject matter whatsoever. Liz Cheney is reading off the same script, but she’s been dyed in her daddy’s neoconservatism fervor, through tutelage of the man who helped author the right wing manual on foreign policy.

Who wouldn’t pay to see Liz Cheney debate Joe Biden?

Marco versus Joe? That’s just funny, but the vetting sweepstakes would be a ball.

Oh, and what a vice presidential pit bull Liz would be, complete with lipstick.

If someone isn’t whispering in Mitt Romney’s ear about Elizabeth Cheney, I’d like to know why not.

This is my answer to Bill Kristol’s nauseating article for the Weekly Standard that once again trots out the ridiculous Obama-Hillary for 2012, because what he should be writing about is Elizabeth Cheney. He’s just distracted, because his main goal is to get Hillary Clinton tarred with the whole Obama – Romney 2012 disaster, which it will be no matter who is elected. Because if Bill Kristol and his back room boys aren’t worried about Hillary for 2016 they’re certifiable. They know she’s not sure if she’ll run, but they also realize if she does she’ll be a political bullet train.