MITT ROMNEY IS betting that tweaking Pres. Obama on Bill Clinton in Iowa will land, while just making stuff up. That he’s using a plot line that is also one of Edward Klein’s favorites illustrates the value of Regnery publishing to the right. Romney’s cracks got the attention of Politico, CNN, USA Today, Huffington Post, Washington Post, and, of course, Buzzfeed, though not for the same reasons.

“President Obama tucked away the Clinton doctrine in his large drawer of discarded ideas, along with transparency and bipartisanship. It’s enough to make you wonder if maybe it was a personal beef with the Clintons … but really it runs much deeper.” – Mitt Romney, presumptive Republican nominee

The notion that Pres. Obama “discarded” bipartisanship could only come from someone who plays fast and loose with political facts. Pres. Obama’s entire first term has been one reaction after another to Republican refusals to make deals, even when Obama served up the grand bargain to Speaker Boehner on the last debt ceiling fight.

“President Obama is an old school liberal whose first instinct is to see free enterprise as the villain and government as the hero.” – Mitt Romney

That’s just funny.

What’s more interesting is that neither Obama or Romney will take William Jefferson Clinton’s advice on what I’ve been writing is critical to solving our financial woes, which is that all the Bush tax cuts, including for the middle class, need to be rolled back. Of course, I’m also for a top 2% tax hike and expanding the cap on Social Security taxed income, while shrinking our military outposts in favor of economic models and special forces. However, if everyone could get on the same page by agreeing that Clinton’s proposal for middle class families to also give up tax cuts that we cannot afford, though without Bill Clinton’s grand bargain baloney, we’d have a start on bipartisanship that actually means something.

“Our party’s problem is, we are always reluctant to give up the gains of the past to create the future,” Bill Clinton told the audience at the Pete Peterson’s fiscal summit. “Democrats are reluctant to commit to longer-term health-care savings; they don’t want to touch Social Security.” [WashPost]

Unfortunately, our politicians are products being marketed, not leaders.

As for Romney’s claim about a “prairie fire” of debt that’s all Pres. Obama’s fault, this fallacy is part of the Democratic legacy of letting the Bush-Cheney era crowd off the mat.

George W. Bush outspent Barack Obama $5.07 TRILLION to $1.44 TRILLION.

However, I don’t feel sorry for Pres. Obama for having to fight this deficit image battle, because he’s the one who hoisted austerity up as the model and in the process moved the political conversation to the right. It’s just too bad it’s the middle class who’ll once again pay the price for his kumbaya