“I need to get 50.1 percent or more and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.” – Mitt Romney

TRUMP’S BIRTHERISM is back and Mitt Romney is happy to have it.

Peggy Noonan, on CBS “This Morning” today, laughed openly at Mitt Romney when Charlie Rose brought up the subject of Donald Trump.

Romney isn’t laughing. Bluntly and plainly stating in a casual conversation with the press that he doesn’t agree with everything his supporters say and they likely don’t always agree with him either. But he needs 51% of the vote and he’s going to take any support he can garner to get there.

Tonight in Texas, Mitt Romney will official become the Republican nominee.

Also in Texas tonight, eyes are on Sarah Palin’s power for 2012 and whether she can bring in another win for the far right. She’s already bested Jim DeMitt, as well as Rick Santorum, in her draft picks. Opposing DeMitt’s choice, Palin backed Nebraska Republican Senate hopeful Deb Fischer, who ended up winning. She also backed Richard Mourdock who beat Sen. Lugar in Indiana.

Palin’s remaining potency will get tested tonight, as Texas voters go to the polls to choose a Senate candidate. Palin’s pick, former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz, is hoping to force a runoff with front-runner David Dewhurst. Cruz’s camp has said publicly that her endorsement is a huge boost.

As far as the presidential race is concerned, Sarah Palin couldn’t be more irrelevant, except as a bad memory for the establishment and, evidently, a warning sign for picking a woman.

Considering women are nowhere on the radar for camp Mitt, except for his stunning wife Ann Romney who can actually communicate with voters, my advice to the Romney team to pick Liz Cheney as his veep couldn’t be more jarring. It’s obvious Republicans haven’t gotten over Palin’s disastrous vice presidential candidacy, so a woman on the ticket seems less likely than ever.

Conservative women and Republicans have been absolutely silent on the issue of running a woman beside Mitt Romney. It’s disappointing and a dereliction of their responsibility to so blithely ignore another chance to catapult a competent woman to the political Olympics.