RUPERT MURDOCH’S “LIEUTENANT” Rebekah Brooks is being charged after News Corp allegations relating to Scotland Yard’s phone-hacking investigation that has humiliated Murdoch and destroyed his credibility.

From the UK Guardian:

She is accused of conspiring with others, including her husband, Charlie Brooks, the racehorse trainer and friend of the prime minister, and her personal assistant, to conceal material from detectives.

Brooks and her husband were informed of the charging decision “” the first since the start of the Operation Weeting phone-hacking investigation last January “” when they answered their bail at a police station in London on Tuesday morning.

They are among six individuals from News International, along with the company’s head of security, Mark Hanna, to be charged over allegations that they removed material, documents and computers to hide them from officers investigating phone hacking. The charge carries a maximum penalty of life, although the average term served in prison is 10 months.

From the Daily Beast, who explains the perverting-the-course-of-justice charges:

Perverting the course of justice is a common-law criminal offense in Britain that is seen as potentially more severe than phone hacking or payments to public officials, the two primary allegations rocking the British wing of Murdoch’s news empire. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

It’s important to remember that a murdered girl’s parents’ phone was allegedly hacked by News of the World, which ended in the shuttering of the tabloid rag, one of Rupert Murdoch’s many. That the phone was a gift of Rebekah Brooks so her rag could keep tabs on information about the girl’s case reveals the ethical debauchery of this crew.