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“In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering,” says Limbaugh.

AFTER STEPPING IN over the weekend, because in the conversation over Trayvon Martin things turned ugly, coupled with Zimmerman apologists ignoring his own behavior in escalating the situation that led to Martin’s killing, the article on Buzzfeed today is particularly timely.

It goes well beyond the Trayvon Martin case, but remains pinned to it, because of the reaction to the killing of the youth by Pres. Obama, which was understandable to anyone who is a step away from reactionary Obama derangement syndrome, but also what’s developed in other communities since.

If you’ve spent much time consuming conservative media lately, you’ve probably learned about a slow-burning “race war” going on in America today. Sewing together disparate data points and compelling anecdotes like the attack in Norfolk, conservative bloggers and opinion-makers are driving the narrative with increasing frequency. Their message: Black-on-white violence is spiking ““ and the mainstream media is trying to cover it up. – In Conservative Media, A “Race War” Rages, by McKay Coppins

Defense attorneys are making the case for Zimmerman’s defense across the web and new media, while amateur Zimmerman defenders are doing something else entirely, represented by Daily Caller boss Tucker Carlson.

“I wouldn’t call it political correctness, I would call it lying,” said Tucker Carlson, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, describing what he considers to be the media’s racial double-standard. “To the press, the only hate crimes are straight white men somehow committing acts of violence against people who are not straight white men. When in fact, the real world is a lot more complicated than that.”

Ah yes, it’s all “a lot more complicated than that.”

If you’re talking about whether George Zimmerman will be found guilty or not, yes, it is, because it will be up to a jury of human beings who come with their own emotions, judgments and prejudices, which live beyond a judge’s instructions to them or their duty to be impartial.

However, if you’re talking about people looking at the case of an individual who got out of his car carrying a concealed weapon to engage a youth who was doing nothing wrong and ended up dead, it’s not complicated at all.

An individual’s civil rights is one of the cornerstones of our democratic republic.

Anyone, regardless of race, who abridges another’s civil rights when that person is doing nothing wrong and going about his or her business, is creating an event out of nowhere. But when that person helps cause an altercation that leads to the death of an innocent unarmed citizen, who wasn’t doing anything wrong in the first place, something has not only gone terribly wrong in our society, but with the foundational tenet of freedom in this country.

Conservatives feel aggrieved because no one is standing up for a white person who’s been beaten? The latest was an incident that went down in Norfolk, VA., when two reporters in a car were attacked.

Outraged that the national media didn’t give this story the same extensive coverage as the Martin shooting, O’Reilly launched into a campaign that has stretched over several nights of Fox’s top-rated show. Along the way, his team has uncovered an early police report that described the assault as a hate crime (authorities said it was a clerical error), and found neighborhood kids who speculated on camera that the assailants were exacting racial revenge for the death of Trayvon. O’Reilly has also publicly shamed the local newspaper for ignoring the story, and even called on Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene in the investigation.

But while Norfolk may be the most high-profile chapter yet in the “race war,” it’s hardly the only one conservatives have highlighted. Over the past four years, the Drudge Report has run dozens of headlines chronicling acts of violence against white victims ““ often by black youths.

Having lived through the tumultuous times of the O.J. Simpson trial, as well as the Rodney King verdict, it’s not hard to see the beginning’s of something serious developing in the American atmosphere.

The professional defense case may end in a not guilty verdict on second degree murder charges, but George Zimmerman is not innocent. No one is, regardless of race, who abridges an individual’s civil rights. This is what makes it complicated.

Conservatives are utilizing the Trayvon Martin killing as a springboard to attack the media on separate cases that often don’t get reported. Not all domestic battery and abuse cases get reported either, but conservatives aren’t ranting about that injustice. Black children go missing, yet they don’t get the attention white children do in the media either. This is a conservative identity crisis, because of what began a long time ago as a bedrock of Republican politics. It’s called the southern strategy that was created to mine and appeal to racists to beat Democrats.

That it’s being utilized in a presidential election year to rev up people against Pres. Obama, while conservatives in new media and their Republican allies hype all sorts of swiftboating angles surrounding the first African American president, is obvious to any fair minded analyst watching the spectacle.

They’re coming for Pres. Obama and people against him will use any means necessary, going well beyond issues and policy debate, including race baiting, to do it.

Unfortunately, team Obama utilized race baiting themselves in the ’07-’08 primary season, with the formerly distinguished Rep. James Clyburn willing to even call former Pres. Clinton out on race to help candidate Obama in South Carolina, as did Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. when he questioned whether Hillary cried during Katrina, which exploded into a horrendous spectacle between Democrats. It’s covered in my book in the chapter “Eating Your Own,” proving yet again how relevant this history remains today.

In a country built through slavery and just now seeing the first African American president, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that at a time of great economic angst deeply woven grievances are rising to the surface after an unarmed black teen is killed, not by a police officer, but by an American citizen.

That an African American president can see Trayvon Martin as a possible son and relate to the tragedy shouldn’t shock anyone. So why does Pres. Obama relating to Trayvon Martin upset conservatives and other anti-Obama zealots so much?

Where are people on Trayvon Martin’s civil rights? For too many, it’s the same place we were prior to 1964.