Let’s call this article for what it was. It wasn’t journalism. It was business. – Devin Gordon, GQ

TINA BROWN didn’t call her new media blog The Daily Beast for nothing. It’s a ravenous industry, whether the new media company is large or tiny, with every report, post or column a moment to get more eyes to the page and get another buck in the coffers. Everything is business.

Right wingers whine daily that Barack Obama isn’t being “vetted.” Breitbart has been “vetting” the President for weeks. Sean Hannity’s radio and TV shows are filled with drivel everyone’s heard once already, but which Hannity thinks everyone needs to hear again. So, Politico channels Republican complaints about Romney being hit harder than Obama, citing the Washington Post and the New York Times as the guilty parties.

The Post and the Times led the way for the Iraq war, with both media outlets now hobbling along amid competition that’s bested them for years, minus the importance of their bureaus beyond our borders. Let’s also remember the Post ran the infamous and embarrassing “cleavage” column on Clinton by Robin Givhan, while also featuring Sally Quinn’s poison pen against all things Clinton, while the Times concocted the Whitewater scandal, as well as allowed the Clinton marriage to become a counting contest on days spent together.

It’s not 2008 and the “vetting” of Pres. Obama is over. It’s now about his first term and whether he deserves another.

The criticism about the Politico piece today has landed on the heads of Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, two of the leading powers at Politico, for basically doing what they do every day, which is whatever they can to garner links from Matt Drudge, while sucking up to whomever they need to in order to keep their page hits up.

There’s a reason you won’t find stories about Syria on Politico, but you will find Joe Scarborough’s op-ed pushing Pres. Obama to get involved in the dramatic crumbling of that state. “Morning Joe” offers Politico a TV segment, so giving the former conservative congressman an op-ed blog is a no-brainer that costs very little. When Scarborough predictably channels the Syria hawk line it’s all the better for Politico.

What you’re seeing is revealing about our media landscape, with organizations with a payroll having to mine every little thing they can to make ends meet. When you have a long primary season and web page after web page to fill, but your specialty is running political horse race stories, you get drivel like “To GOP, blatant bias in vetting,” the story being run on Politico today.

Outlets like Fox Nation, Newsmax, as well as right-wing radio, want to re-litigate 2008 and have a do-over on “vetting” Barack Obama. Politico and everyone else want anything that will stick. Everyone is attempting to drum up drama to get it done, strumming the web waters for eyes on the page.

The usual suspects, including those who didn’t choose to question candidate Obama’s resume in 2008, are upset at Politico over their story. What’s more likely is those complaining are just as pissed that Politico’s “winning the morning” plan worked and it remains a site considered a more important stop by people who need the insider story at ground level and something beyond a predictable partisan pep talk.

Back in 2007-2008, it is undeniable that candidate Barack Obama wasn’t treated like the other candidates running for the presidency. When McCain won the nomination his case against Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews was rumored to have gotten the two besotted Obama supporters bounced from general election hosting duties. But as much as Republicans and the media beast want to look back and question whether fair “vetting” is being done after the fact, nobody else is interested.

The naked opportunism shown by Hannity on “vetting” Obama is one thing, because he’s the leader of the Obama Derangement Syndrome crowd that can’t get enough of the Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, religion, birther nonsense; subjects that won’t create a single job, feed one hungry kid, or keep one person from becoming homeless. Media jumping on whatever story comes into their hands is another, including those that suck up the talking points of those knocking on their door on a particular day.

From large new media sites to tiny companies like mine, emails and story suggestions flood your inbox. When one hooks you and you have access it can turn into something else. In a presidential election year it often morphs from there into hair on fire sensationalism.

Republicans and the wacky right say the world will end if there are 4 more years of Obama. The flip side is people who say Mitt Romney will cause a cataclysmic disaster if he’s elected.

Germany weathered Hitler.

America can withstand another Wall Street backed, corporate lacky buying yet another presidency.

The poor will stay poor and the rich will get richer either way, with neither Politico, the Washington Post, the New York Times, or those complaining about Politico’s access journalism standards, caring, writing or losing any sleep over the injustice.