With the Occupy protesters resuming battle stations, and Mitt Romney in place as the presumptive Republican nominee, President Obama has begun to fashion his campaign as a crusade for the 99 percent–a fight against, as one Obama ad puts it, “a guy who had a Swiss bank account.” Casting Romney as a plutocrat will be easy enough. But the president’s claim as avenging populist may prove trickier, given his own deeply complicated, even conflicted, relationship with Big Finance. – Why Can’t Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice?

“We’re certainly running on our record.” – David Axelrod, senior Obama strategist on ABC’s “This Week.”

CANDIDATE OBAMA is always so much better than elected Obama. It’s the cross the Democratic Party has had to bear.

Candidate Obama didn’t show up in 2010, so there was an avalanche of Republican wins across the country, which revved up the war on women like we haven’t seen since the early days of Ronald Reagan.

It’s important to remember that Barack Obama came into office with a Democratic House and Senate. Instead of doing the job of a partisan leader, which is implementing why you were elected, president-elect Obama decided to play nice with Republicans, which played into the right’s hands. It allowed his first term narrative to get well out of his control.

Now that his presidency is on the line Obama’s locked and loaded, with Republican economic policies the target. With the Paul Ryan budget the template of the Republican party in 2012, it makes team Obama’s job so much easier.

Women are the vote to rock this year. Single women and younger females don’t respond well to negative ads. They also don’t trust them. Positive ads of comparison that also show what you’ve done is what works for them. Reminding them of where the country was when George W. Bush left office is a good thing. Because whether you like Pres. Obama or not, he was handed a crap sandwich on multiple fronts, sometimes screwing things up, but we are on the mend and every economist worth his or her credentials knows or has seen from the examples around the world that austerity won’t work, because it simply hasn’t.

But whether it’s Obama or Romney we’re still going to get some sort of entitlement “grand bargain” once 2013 hits.

For some reason elite politicians don’t understand that today’s blue collar worker has the same back breaking job that people like my husband do every day. Anyone who thinks new workers should have their retirement age pushed, which goes for waitresses and others in grueling jobs, is as out of touch as our political elite.

Who’s fighting for the new blue collar workers in November?