Barack Obama campaigned four years ago assailing President George W. Bush for wage losses suffered by the middle class. More than three years into Obama’s own presidency, those declines have only deepened. – Bloomberg

AS BACKGROUND, let me offer that the White House has never frozen me out of releases and press accounts because of criticism I’ve launched in their direction, which at times has been withering. I’m not invited to insider gaggles, but that’s perfectly understandable, because I’m not “a friend” of any politician at this point.

So, I’d post the response from team Romney to the ad above, because it’s my job and I’ve pledged to offer both sides, as I’m not endorsing anyone in 2012. Additionally, as I’ve written many times before, I think Obama and Romney are political bookends to a problem we have in politics that begins with the 1% buying the presidential election. But interestingly, ever since I asked team Romney an honest question about baptismal for the dead via Twitter, they’ve refused requests for campaign emails and press related material. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, so I’ve tried yet again this morning, so we’ll see what happens.

I certainly have a liberal bias, which I state openly and is also obvious, but my partisan political days for the sake of electing a Democrat are o-v-e-r and I get enough pro-Romney fodder and comments from long-time readers, as well as Independents, that I also feel compelled to offer both sides, which needs to come from the teams themselves whenever possible.

In full disclosure and in way of explanation of coverage I’ve given Pres. Obama recently, when he put forth free contraception for women, which Mitt Romney and the Republican are against, it was an lucrative economic prize for women that makes a difference in their daily lives for which Obama deserves credit. It comes after Obama’s very early and strong support for the Lily Ledbetter Act, which the Republican party was against, which equaled the playing field for women who were discriminated against in their jobs. These two issues alone, whether I’m a partisan or not, not only deserve mention and praise, but in the battle for the women’s vote gives Pres. Obama the advantage, because he’s proven his support on serious and pressing economic issues that can impact women. Both Ledbetter and free contraception directly affect the bottom line of single women, as well as working women, including those with families, while also being two policy decisions that Republicans opposed strongly. To not state bluntly that credit is due because it’s earned would be dishonest.

It’s the Romney campaign’s choice not to include me on their daily press list, though it requires no extra effort to do so. But if you’re wondering why you’re not getting their side of the story from the campaign’s mouth it’s because they won’t offer it to me and if that’s their stance I feel no compunction to go searching for it. I say this because long-time readers are now Romney supporters, as are some Independents that stop here, not to mention women who are concentrating on their financial status and not contraception, so not giving them the campaign’s version needs to be laid at team Romney’s doorstep, not mine.