“I hate Barack Obama more than I love Jesus.” – Jon Stewart on religious conservative bigotry over Mitt’s Mormonism

What a target rich environment.

In the first video below, Stewart uses Schweitzer, O’Donnell and Bashir for target practice, after they make fools of themselves over Romney’s religious preference. “Speaking as a Jew,” Stewart’s religious take down is perfection.

The second video’s subject is Richard Grenell, which has been a disaster for Mitt Romney.

So, as long as we’re talking about the media, let’s also look at the horrific news CNN got this week. They can’t even beat HLN. Buzzfeed offers some advice that’s not bad, starting with their prefab taped segments, but also that Piers Morgan is great on celebrity dish, but the worst on cable when it comes to political analysis.

There’s a reason Fox News Channel leads the pack and that’s because the competition, minus Rachel Maddow, is very weak.

Enjoy the videos, it’s two of Stewart’s best in a long time.