Planned Parenthood Action Fund unveiled an advertising campaign Wednesday in swing states painting Mitt Romney as the wrong choice for women, a critical voting bloc in the battle for the White House. Backed by $1.4 million, the spot will run on broadcast and cable television in West Palm Beach, Florida, Des Moines, Iowa, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., according to the political arm of the women’s health care organization. [CNN]

JOE SCARBOROUGH’S “MORALITY” line is a trap religious conservatives have relied upon for decades, with liberals, libertarians and moderates caught in the marketing slogan that defined women’s freedoms in the 20th century. He utilized it when speaking with Cecil Richards of Planned Parenthood, speaking about government funding of her organization. She reminded him that most of the work PPA does is cancer screening and other preventative care. When Dan Senor tried to rebut PPA’s new ad against Mitt Romney, seen above, Richards toyed with Senor like he was the incredible shrinking man tethered to a pole, so she could poke him for her own amusement. I haven’t watched “Morning Joe” in a very long time, but this was one of the more entertaining infotainment show moments I’ve seen in a year.

A lot’s been made of a recent poll showing the “pro life” marketing label rising versus the “pro choice” defensive squat so many people have been stuck defending for decades. A false equivalency that I’ve refused to accept just about that long.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been in the position of having to make a life-altering decision to save myself, which was one of the most moral of my life.

Religious conservative men like Joe Scarborough pronouncing people being against Planned Parenthood out of “morality” is a preposterous judgment made from a point of sheer ignorance. Men don’t begin to know what a woman faces at this time in her life. Abortion rights opponent females do, but what they can’t understand or comprehend is that the life of the woman predates and preempts everything else, including the role of mother, which is separate until she accepts that job. It can never be forced on her, though religious conservatives and Republicans think that’s government’s job to do so.

If someone asked me in a survey whether I related or was “pro life” or “pro choice,” I’d either refuse to answer the question or I’d say “pro life.” I reject and resent anyone marketing I’m less a lover of life than anyone else on planet earth because I put my personhood first.

Liberals, libertarians and moderates of whatever political party you choose, need to quit buying into the religious conservative framing that has kept our reproductive health care debate ensnared for decades. It allows infotainment talking heads and hosts to preen and posture about “morality,” automatically lowering anyone else who believes individual rights are equally moral to uphold as less ethical.

Defending and protecting an individual’s freedoms is a human right, with women’s rights one of those that is morally important to protect.

The right’s war on women begins with the premise that religious conservatives have the right to strip women of a U.S. protected medical procedure.

As for the argument that Joe Scarborough made that people don’t want their tax dollars going to PPA. I don’t want to put another dime into Iraq, give aid to Pakistan, continue funding Afghanistan until 2024; and was against our involvement in the Libya bombing, too. What is anyone going to do about that?