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NEXT TUESDAY is a very big election day for Wisconsin and for Democrats.

Ed Schultz posited last night on his show that maybe he was “too much of a jock strap,” maybe he likes the “fight too much,” but that Pres. Obama needs to get to Wisconsin and drum up the base. Stephanie Cutter was on with Chuck Todd on Wednesday saying it really wasn’t necessary. The calculus by team Obama seems counterproductive, either that or it’s nakedly self-involved, either afraid to do harm, which I don’t see, or get tarnished with a loss. But maybe I’m missing something on this one.

Meanwhile, former Pres. Bill Clinton just might make a stop in Wisconsin, a state he won twice.

Polling shows the race down to the wire, though the Marquette poll, which John Nichols said leans right, has Walker up by 7. Celinda Lake’s polling group has the race deadlocked at 49, which Schultz reported last night.

What happens if this story takes hold before Tuesday?

The concern of the Democrat I spoke with is that the the members news media that have seen the “smoking gun” emails in question between John Hiller and Scott Walker are reluctant to publish the story, possibly to avoid negative publicity for Gov. Walker prior to the June 5 recall election, as the release of the emails likely would cast Gov. Walker’s involvement in allegations of “pay to play” real estate deals involving Milwaukee County in a much different light.