An outstanding Egyptian brew… savory elixir, with rosemary, sage and thyme… Mixed berry beer… tasting was a treat, though I’m definitely anything but a beer connoisseur. Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax, Virginia was a nice place to stop by Sunday.

The roasted garlic Caesar salad was spectacular, and I’m very picky about this dish. Many restaurants are under the impression that romaine with a creamy dressing, stale garlic and croutons is enough, totally misunderstanding the sacred nature of the Caesar. This salad is worth it.

The wings are above average, but they’re not the crispy greasy things you get most places that so many people enjoy. We had the Thai, as well as the traditional.

Worst. Pizza. Ever. It’s on the menu as “wood grilled pizzas.” The crust is flabby, the dough tasteless and with no crisp char the slice lays in your hand like a wet piece of paper and tastes about the same (I imagine, though I’ve not had wet paper). I took one bite and didn’t take another. Quattro formaggio was our choice, adding basil, the only tasty element. Mark is a pizza man and thought it was ghastly. It was, but he ate it anyway; he’s like that. Avoid the pizza at all cost.

The service was extraordinary. Our waiter, George, took me through the beer list, graciously teaching along the way. It was slow on Sunday at the Fairfax location, so we also met others in the Dogfish Head Alehouse team. I cannot say enough about the service. We sat in the bar, as usual wherever we eat, where the atmosphere is large, with high tables we enjoy, as well as flat screens, though we were into each other. Everyone was extraordinarily friendly and helpful.

Hearty recommend for the Egyptian ale, which had a sourdough flavor we both thought spectacular. I’d explain it further, but I don’t have the experience drinking a lot of beer to do so.

Because of George, this wino learned something about beer. It can be fantastic. Dogfish Head brand beer and ale is popular for a reason. But you likely already knew that.