DAVID AXELROD “LOVES” Mayor Cory Booker. He said so while calling him an idiot on economics and suggesting he’d better start looking for a firehouse that has openings.

Mitt Romney loves Cory, too, but his team is pretty crazy about Ford and Stevie, too.

This story has marathon legs that equals Mitt’s Etch A Sketch catastrophe.

It’s all so embarrassing for team Obama, but unfortunately they don’t have much cover for themselves where Wall Street, insider coziness and business as usual is concerned.

From the Washington Post on Monday:

The White House visitor records make it clear that Obama’s senior officials are granting that access to some of K Street’s most influential representatives. In many cases, those lobbyists have long-standing connections to the president or his aides. Republican lobbyists coming to visit are rare, while Democratic lobbyists are common, whether they are representing corporate clients or liberal causes.

[…] White House spokesman Eric Schultz referred in a statement to Obama’s “unparalleled commitment to reforming Washington” and noted that this is the first administration to release the visitor records. “The people selected for this article are registered lobbyists, but this article excludes the thousands of people who visit the White House every week for meetings and events who are not,” he said. “Our goal has been to reduce the influence of special interests in Washington ““ which we’ve done more than any Administration in history.”

The White House visitor logs capture the ordinary (and extraordinary) pulse of the presidency, from state arrival ceremonies to bowling alley tours.
Explore White House visitors database

Acting on a pledge to make government more transparent, Obama released the visitor logs, although he did so to settle a lawsuit seeking the records. The administration publishes the information monthly, with a three-month delay, so the latest information is from January.

I just can’t stop laughing.

The Obama White House got a sudden urge of transparency, but it came because they were settling a lawsuit. How perfect is that?

Didn’t I tell you the perfect match-up was Obama versus Romney.

I’m counting the days until the debate that pits Obama’s saving the auto industry talking points, which tells an American success story, meets up with Romney’s argument that what Pres. Obama actually did was a structured bankruptcy, which caused layoffs and other personal collateral damage that comes with trying to save a company, ala Bain style.

On the other hand, the squeeze play Pres. Obama can put on Mitt over Romneycare is likely to match that.

“The whole process was interesting for me. It’s a little scary,” Menter said. “You need a lobbyist to get a meeting.” – White House visitor logs provide window into lobbying industry

The founders would not recognize this country.