TWENTY PERCENT OF DEMOCRATS voted “no preference” in North Carolina’s presidential vote. In a state where Pres. Obama and the Democrats are dropping tens of millions of dollars to have their convention, these numbers out of North Carolina last night are sending chills down Democratic spines.

It comes after Obama’s reelection launch in Richmond, Virginia made international news for the much smaller crowd assembled, complete with empty rafters.

A smaller turnout for Pres. Obama in Ohio made Twitter, with pictures showing a lesser crowd than expected.

Partisans will jump on this as being all about Obama, but Mitt Romney is not setting voting hearts on fire either. Obama beat Romney in total votes in North Carolina 759,523 to Romney’s 634,848.

Hilariously, in the tweet of the day, Romney received only around 2,200 voted above the jailbird from West Virginia!

American voters are sick of our entire political system and the elites who buy our elections.

That’s the takeaway on this one, which shouldn’t exactly make anyone in Chicago sleep easily the next six months. That goes for Boston, too, but they were already a little restless due to a primary season that made a fool of their nominee.