According to the report, prior to the shooting Zimmerman had been prescribed Adderall and Temazepam, medications that can cause side effects such as agitation and mood swings, but in fewer than 10 percent of patients. – ABC News Exclusive

A LEAKED MEDICAL report by George Zimmerman’s family doctor that is exclusive to ABC News offers what the defense can only see as ammunition for their client to prove self defense, revealing injuries sustained before Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

The record shows that Zimmerman also suffered bruising in the upper lip and cheek and lower back pain. The two lacerations on the back of his head, one of them nearly an inch long, the other about a quarter-inch long, were first revealed in photos obtained exclusively by ABC News last month.

[…] A neighbor told ABC News that the day after the shooting he saw Zimmerman as he spoke to officers outside his home. He too recalled seeing black eyes and significant swelling — as well as a bandage over his nose.

The bloodied head of George Zimmerman can be seen in this column I wrote in April.

According to the National Institute of Health, Temazepam is used to treat insomnia. Adderall is a Class II drug used in cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). According to Web MD, one of the possible reactions is “aggressive behavior,” something the prosecution is sure to mine.

Part of the 911 transcript, via Mother Jones, is a reminder of the mood at the moment, the yellow blocking original:

The Orlando Sentinel reported in March that George Zimmerman “called 911 dozens of times in the months that led to the fatal shooting.” He would report “suspicious persons” who also happened to be black four times, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

So, you have an unarmed teenage African American male being followed by a man who thinks Trayvon Martin is “a real suspicious guy,” who also sounds paranoid. There had reportedly been break-ins in the area as well, so perhaps it was justified. While Martin noticing Zimmerman had his own worries, there can be little doubt, due to his reaction to Zimmerman confronting him, which the injury reports verifies, as does the Trayvon Martin autopsy report.

This will turn into a seesaw as evidence is weighed, revealing the difficulty a jury will have separating their emotions.

But if George Zimmerman doesn’t pursue and instead chooses to wait for the police to do their job, the altercation and killing does not happen. It always comes back to this, though whether the jury will think so is another story and the only thing that matters.

After living through the O.J. trial, which was moved from Santa Monica to downtown L.A., changing the trajectory of the trial, because Simpson’s “peers” were definitely more Santa Monica than city, as well as the Rodney King verdict and its predictable aftermath after the trial was moved to Simi Valley, a white bastion and certainly not King’s peers, I’ve learned juries don’t always render justice.

But then again, a jury of one’s peers isn’t a constitutional guarantee. As for getting an impartial jury, which is, in a case like this one, I’m doubtful if it’s possible. When the Sanford police made the mistake of not arresting George Zimmerman in the first place, all bets were off.